About us

What is Geriatric Consulting?

GERIATRICCONSULTING.EU offers management consultancy services in the gerontological and residential field, it is focused on giving solutions in the field of economic and welfare management in old people’s homes, day centres, social-health care, supervised apartments and home services. It is also offered to the European elderly sector in order to develop the wide range of residences in Spain.

Our consultancy is focused on both companies in the sector and potential investors both nationally and internationally.

Who are our customers?

Professionals who wish to open businesses in this sector and who require a reliable expert to guide and accompany them in the process of setting up and launching their brand.

Executives whose companies are in a moment of economic or welfare stagnation and need consultancy to continue boosting their business, or companies that have been operating for years and wish to expand.

International groups that are either looking for business opportunities or residential places (permanent or temporary) in Spain to house elderly people living outside our country.

We work in all business areas, from the analysis of the current economic situation and how to improve it, the working environment and human resources management, legislation, cost analysis and alternatives, commercial and marketing plans to the internal management processes of the centres.

Our function is to help to the continuous improvement of the business to be more competitive, to offer the best quality and to achieve the satisfaction of the user and his relatives.